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1m cattle theft sparks reward offer

Walking around town, some of the animals look so frightened of strangers that you feel like someone is trying to hold you down and a paw can be found digging through the dirt.

However, they are in fact being moved around town.

Local wildlife and tourism official Gary MacLeod said many local people are very keen to see the animals back in their community.

He said: "I believe there may be over 1,000 animals that have never been seen, or even seen the streets of Kells.

"They're there for a reason.

"A lot of people are going and seeing them and it is a huge success.

"That has created an idea where more and more people are interested in trying them.

"I think we are just at the start of the big adventure of bringing back these animals."

He said the number of people going on walks or cycling to see the animals were increasing every weekend.

He added: "If people are walking around it's amazing they find them when they do - it's hard to explain, we just have to see."

The money raised for the animals will be donated to Kells Animal Rescue, where animal welfare officer Mary Whelan is due to take part in a demonstration on Friday.

It will raise awareness on their situation.
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School warehouses close down for the winter

(CNN) If your house is not filled, this is the time to apply for shelter.

The number of U.S. workers who are expected to lose their jobs in January has been on the rise since January 1, said a government report released Wednesday.

Among them: 15 percent fewer people in their first jobs, 23 percent fewer workers at the state and federal level, 20 percent fewer workers in senior positions -- even as they are being filled.

Here's a look at how the numbers are going.

On Friday, the Department of Labor announced that 7.4 million U.S. workers will lose their jobs during January -- and that it said the unemployment rate is still high.

Related: This is what winter brings to people in America

In 2015, about 5.1 million Americans lost their jobs.

But not all the recent labor troubles are as bad as they seem.

A federal workforce study released Wednesday found that about 8.1 million workers are still employed in January. The federal government counted nearly 934,000 of these workers as full-time workers. Those who weren't working in 2015, however, earned an average of about $18.50 per hour.

These jobs, however, are at risk of being eliminated, with just over half of those lost. A third of the workers whose jobs have been cut were in retail, according to the survey, while just over a third of those job losses are in the food service and hospitality sector.

The unemployment rate still is around 9.2 percent, despite some economists calling the labor market "healthy."

Workers stand in line at the federal building on Monday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington.

Related: Americans say the labor market is in 'good shape,' but worry its recovery may slow in 2017

Here are the main areas where the federal government is reporting large job losses from Jan. 1 to March 28:

-- More than 16 million federal employees who were hired from January to February. (There is one exception -- 1.5 million former military personnel who are being paid over $500,000 a year.)

-- More than 2 million public sector workers who have been fired from January to March.

-- More than 3 million state and local government employees.

The government report said that these layoffs, along with large increases of temporary employees, are having a devastating effect on the public sector and could even push people into involuntary unemployment.

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