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Seafood industry calls for fisheries dept shake up

With federal officials now suggesting the proposed regulation of fisheries can be streamlined and regulated, some seafood industry officials say they're worried their businesses could suffer.

"The proposed regulations will allow federal agencies to seize the rights to take fish in their waters without proper legal processes," Peter Mavrodi, the chair of the Seafood Fisheries Research and Education Association, said in a statement. "The proposed regulations are in direct conflict with the core principles of the international Convention on the Law of the Sea."

A new U.S. Food and Drug Administration rule will require producers in the Pacific Ocean to obtain federal fish licenses from the agency, which sets fish-trafficking laws there.

There, companies would have to register with the FDA as trawlers or fishing boats, and the agency would decide whether fishing operations will be allowed to continue, according to the FDA's proposal.

Mavrodi said that when he met with the FDA earlier this week, he wasn't impressed by the proposals.

He said some fishers believe that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will force them to stay where they are and face government enforcement.

That argument isn't based on the facts, the industry's lobbyists say.

"We are not advocating on the behalf of fish species in the Pacific Ocean that need to continue to be caught on the surface of the ocean," said Steve Pritchard of the American Seafood Council. "There are fishing rights in the Pacific and we can and should act within the rule books."

Pritchard called the FDA's proposed proposed regulation "a complete and utter waste of time and money."

The FDA's plan is a compromise of some rules to avoid the federal government controlling fish stocks, the seafood industry said.

The FDA is expected to make public the rules later this week.

As The Associated Press reported last year, the FDA proposed that most, if not all, fishing in waters off the Oregon coast, near Port Angeles, should not be done without fish-trafficking permits.

Mobile phone coverage south of alice springs set record high in March

The company has worked with the FCC to help set up a statewide hotspot for the next 60 years to improve service for residents of northern Wisconsin, where it already operates several in towns near the lakes.

The company says it will also give free service to any individual who opts into a new phone plan offered by a Wisconsin Dells wireless store.

The hotspot will be open for 60 years, and that means anyone can pick it up and keep it active, if they wish.

"This hotspot will be a way for Dells to recognize and promote the Wisconsin Dells network as the preferred alternative in rural regions and beyond," the company said.

Cheryl Denson, the spokeswoman for Dells-Westfield, said the company was exploring alternative options to upgrade customers' phone service but didn't have any specific plans.

Dells was able to install its wireless phone system from a plant near Madison.

Cheryl Denson, the spokeswoman for Dells-Westfield, said the company was exploring alternative options to upgrade customers' phone service but didn't have any specific plans. (Andrew Moseley)

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