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Budget 2014 perceptions of unfairness denting surplus plan

The Government is to use a parliamentary inquiry into public finances to examine what impact the current budget is having on the public finances. The review is due to be released this morning.

It is understood the review will look at the public's expectation of unfairness of an estimated 6pc difference between the current budget and what it was predicted at the time of the election.

The audit would look at how public perceptions of fairness could result in taxpayers' spending cuts, particularly if the deficit is high and if a budget deficit was projected.

It is understood some of the findings will also look at the impact that the new powers to borrow and spend could have in this scenario.

The Government is set to have two additional inquiries underway later this month.

The Budget 2014 review into fairness will examine the impact of the recent budget cuts on taxpayers' expectations of unfairness.

The Audit Ombudsman inquiry into public finances has also begun its inquiry into the impact of Budget 2014.

The Government's Ombudsman for Public Accounts and Public Finance has also taken over this role.

The Ombudsman has previously delivered numerous interim reports to the Government on how its public accounts and public finance management have progressed.

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Becton subsidiaries enter receivership or insolvency

"I cannot tell you how glad I am that you are out of these bad debts. And I hope you have enjoyed your visit at the store or grocery store and will return to your family and friends."

As he is standing on the threshold of the bank's branch, one of the employees calls out the following:

"You can't use those funds you bought earlier to pay off your debt?"

She asks, "What's the interest rate?"

"It's about 2%, but we could keep the amount."

A few minutes later, the cashier comes back with another statement: "No problem, it's going to be paid off next week."

A spokesman from the Bank has told The Local that the bank has given up pursuing the case, claiming that a court order prohibits it from making any comment on the case. He added that in the event of a bank bankruptcy, the insolvency department would be contacted to help resolve the debts.

A representative from the company which sold it told The Local that it would not discuss the lawsuit, since "it is in the private sector and therefore the state cannot pursue it".

A spokesman from the branch manager said that he was told that the bank is preparing a further statement on the matter for later this week.

'It was all a joke'

There has been a growing controversy in Greece lately about "Greece's banking system", which has come under fire from creditors as the Greek economy is increasingly under pressure and austerity measures have caused a dramatic reduction in public spending on education, healthcare and social services.

Andrea Papoulias from Europissage, a civil society group that has been campaigning to prevent the closure of Greek banks since the financial crisis began, has been speaking up for many of these clients.

On October 22, she had been visiting an unlicensed ATM at an illegal one located a few meters down the street from the branch's branch when she realised what she was looking at.

"I was walking along the road, but the ATM stopped and the money was gone," she said.

Her ATM had been confiscated by local authorities, but she decided to use a second ATM in nearby Niska because she did not have a paper trail to verify that her money was in the account.

After her purchase of $7 from the kiosk, she walked home with cash in her wallet which she gave to a colleague who had come to see the bank's property office to obtain the necessary documentation before it shut down on October 20.

The ATM card that Papoulias used to buy the money was only able to verify that the purchase was legitimate – the ATM machin
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Police probe bendigo burglaries

The family of one man killed by a man who was apparently bent over in his bed in Bendigo is asking anyone with information to contact police.

Bendigo-based victim Richard Kayshott, 50, was left to die after being attacked on April 27 by 25-year-old Steven Jones, who admitted his manslaughter earlier this month.

The court heard Mr Kayshott was sleeping in a bed near Mr Jones when he was approached by Mr Jones, who told him to get dressed, saying he had heard "something".

A short time later, Mr Kayshott was approached by two men - known as "The Gang" and "The Man in Black", who were wielding knives.

Both Mr Jones and the gang fled the scene before the victim was able to contact family and friends.

Mr Jones has been charged with manslaughter over the killing.

The Bendigo Central District Court heard yesterday that after Mr Jones left the scene, he asked if there was anything he could do to "fix" the situation.

The court was told that Mr Jones and his colleagues, who are known to police as The Man in Black and The Gang, then met the victim, who identified a small flat in his own driveway as "Mr Jones's" place of residence.

The judge said that because the couple lived together in separate apartments, they may have been "mocking the victim".

Judge Robert Brown ordered Mr Jones, of South Bend, to wear a GPS device and register on a no-contact list.

'No evidence' of motive

Mr Jones' brother, Andrew Kayshott, said it was not possible to say he was not guilty of murder, but he said he wanted someone to come forward.

The family were also concerned about Mr Kayshott's mental capacity after a few days, he said.

"The fact he may have been asleep in bed is something we worry about," Mr Kayshott told a media briefing.

The family have appealed for information to help them piece together what happened on that Thursday, asking for help to identify potential witnesses.

In a statement, Bendigo Mayor Tony O'Brien, said "no evidence" had been collected to suggest criminal or family problems were to blame for the deaths.

But he said the Police Department was continuing to work with the coroner and investigators to gain "more evidence" in connection with the case.

''There is certainly no way (the murders) were a coincidence,'' he said.

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