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New Zealand's biggest housing developer has launched a fresh appeal to make up for a $2 billion shortfall in new home building because of a new income tax.

The Wellington and South Wellington District Council (WDPC) had originally budgeted $1.9 billion to spend on building 1,250 new houses over the next three years, but the shortfall has now increased to $2.2 billion due to higher tax-based contributions.

The council wants to spend more, but will receive no support from government to do so.

Mayor Ron Frew said last week the council would make up the shortfall by issuing the maximum tax breaks and borrowing for $2.2 billion.

The council also is paying for new infrastructure at a time when the city's transport and housing needs are growing.

Frew said: "You'll notice that we're on track for the target, and that's a big target for us. It's in the next couple of years we'll hit.

"That's because as we spend more on infrastructure, we save on the costs of buying land and building structures, but we have to take some risks.

"The best investment you make with an asset is to invest in making it last."

The council also spent over $100 million building a public art precinct, a $2 million expansion for the Wellington Riverfront, and the building of a pedestrian bridge linking the western and western ends of Wellington Bridge.

But the council said its total public spending had increased by only $100,000 in the first three years, because of increased donations to help fund new projects such as the $1 billion development of the New Road, in an area known as the "Terraced Mile".

The council, which employs more than 200 people and pays its own income tax, is expecting to receive between $900,000 to $1 million in tax breaks over three years from increasing the amount of new housing it can build, but will receive no support from the Government.

"This is not a sustainable revenue stream for public services, it's going to affect the other services, and that impact will lead to greater demand and lower supply," a WDPC spokesman said.

"We have to do something about the fact that we're just barely coming up with the money to make the next couple of generations of families."

The council has started preparing for the next payment period, with it to raise $2.5 billion in the first few years of next year or else pay more for its buildings.

If approved by the Government, the council hopes to receive $1 billion from the changes in the Tax Act to fund its new housing.
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Honeybees are native to the North American and European continents, and their natural range remains relatively stable to date (Muller, 2004). In addition, honeybees are among the most-studied honey bee species, having been studied on a regular basis over the last decade (Grimm, 2005). A recent study of honeybee colonies in New Zealand found that honeybee population is actually declining as an estimated 80% to 90% of colonies in these countries are now declining (Hannan, 2007).

There are several reasons why honeybees may be declining in importance. Colony decline results from the loss of honeybees as they fly around trying to get from location to location. One major culprit causing this decline has been pesticide drift (Grimm, 2005). Most major industrial sites in the US contain large amounts of herbicides (Table), so bees are flying into fields and then getting sick when pesticides drift. Bees also can be affected by temperature extremes caused by drought, which can negatively impact their health (Kuhn et al., 2009).

The decline of honeybee populations has impacted many other honeybee species as well. The honeybees that are left in the wild and have returned to pollinate crops may not be able to find their way back into their natural habitats. This is what has led to a decline in honeybees. The bees that have returned to pollinate are often less cooperative, which can further decrease colony health. The overall honeybee population is declining and there are already signs of further loss of honeybees in the United States (Chavarro-Vazquez, 2013). The impact of declining honeybees on wild populations can extend beyond just one species (see Table 1 for more information).

Honeybee populations decline throughout the year because of a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

Wild bee populations are typically small due to their low abundance. This can make it difficult to capture honeybees in field trials.

There are high levels of pesticide residues in the wild honeybees.

A decrease in the use of pesticides in fields may lead to the depletion of the food resources that bees provide for pollinators.

Honeybees are dependent on pollinators for some of their food resources. Because honeybe

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