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181. Test, straight a test - Незарегистрированный пользователь  VernonBlict (Гость)
2020-06-01 в 05:50

Sydney council objects to chinese consulate razor ads


A Sydney-based political party has called on NSW politicians to pull their support for Australian political parties before Sydney voters decide who will represent them at next year's state election.

The Liberal-National coalition in Sydney has made good on plans to close the Chinese consulate in Sydney's inner-west and cut $40 million over three years of spending in the community.

One Sydney council member, Sue Loy, has called on the state government to stop spending more of taxpayer money on the consulate and have a close look at all other Sydney-based political parties to see if they will continue their support for Chinese nationals living in Sydney.

The mayor of West Footscray, Nick Brantley, said he had spoken to Ms Loy but he would not vote for Mr Brantley and he was a member of an inner-city association representing West Footscray.

"As mayor of West Footscray, I will not support a candidate for West Footscray Council, as is my right, who has made comments during this election campaign that are of the xenophobic, racist and divisive variety," Mayor Brantley said.

Mayor Brantley and other council members will be meeting later today with Sydney council officials to discuss what steps they can take to protect Chinese residents in the inner-city and the community.

Citizens Council president Professor Michael Whelan says he understands the importance of the Chinese consulate and has called for action from the state's political parties to stop Chinese nationals being discriminated against.

"The question is - why doesn't anyone think that if they're discriminated against based on their place of birth and they have Chinese grandparents or parents or even relatives that they should just move to the mainland, or that you should also take away Chinese people's citizenship?" Professor Whelan said.

"The first question is, why didn't we do that in Australia? Why didn't we ask these questions before we opened this country?"

Mr Brantley says they have to get a handle on community hostility against Chinese people in West Footscray because of the recent influx of Chinese migrants.

"It's absolutely not good for our children and it's absolutely not good for the people who are living here and it's entirely unfair on the Chinese community," he said.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he does not want a "racist situation" with Chinese people living in Sydney, and says that the Chinese consulate will be removed from his city in the next fortnight.

Sorry, this video has expired Video: Why does Sydney's Chinese population feel "threatened" (ABC News)

The Chinese consulate has also been targeted by the Federal Government after several state and federal law
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Magistrate urges tougher action on centrelink fraud claims


The Federal Government is calling on the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to take tougher action against the Centrelink fraud watchdog.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has launched an investigation after a Federal Court judge found that the watchdog failed to act after a customer who had paid $8,000 was told her income was "not legitimate".

But the Government is concerned that a decision could cost tax payers thousands of dollars.

The Department of Finance says it will appeal the judge's decision to the Supreme Court, while the Attorney-General has asked for all information in the case to be made public.

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis said the case shows the AFP needs to move faster on Centrelink's reforms.

He said the Federal Government will now seek to amend the Commonwealth Attorney-General's rules of practice, which allow the AFP to require more evidence than required by an agency like Centrelink before taking criminal action against a person.

In March, the ABC revealed former bank worker Scott Thacker's Centrelink payment was made by fake tax numbers in his name.

Senator Brandis said he had spoken to the former ATO commissioner, Ian Macfarlane, who said the Government was working on its own plan to overhaul the agency.

Senator Brandis said the Government would consider a range of options in the lead-up to the next election, including revising the agency's current code of conduct which was designed to make it more transparent and to encourage better compliance with the laws.

"We need to be more sensitive to people's welfare and the welfare of taxpayers," he said.

"We need to consider the fact that it may actually cost us a lot of money to deal with this kind of thing, it may not work at all, but we should do something about it.

"Our advice to the Commonwealth is to do as much as possible to protect your financial interests."

Topics: fraud-and-corporate-crime, australia

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2020-06-01 в 04:24

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183. Urgent loans in the USA - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Stephenusalo (Гость)
2020-05-31 в 18:45

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2020-05-31 в 08:46

Фильмы и сериалы 2017-2018-2019 годов

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2020-05-31 в 06:55

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187. Покупки в магазине Гидра с мобильного телефона - Незарегистрированный пользователь  Jimmyjal (Гость)
2020-05-31 в 03:44

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189. Test, just a test - Незарегистрированный пользователь  ZetaddaInfon (Гость)
2020-05-30 в 12:28

Hello. And Bye.

190. Test, upright a investigation - Незарегистрированный пользователь  VernonBlict (Гость)
2020-05-29 в 21:23

Coalition demands release of mining tax records, records from former premier reveal Read more

It also criticised government for suggesting that, if there was a failure, it could simply blame the unions. "They've tried to do everything possible to stop the mining tax," the former premier said. "It's something that could have happened without the mining tax and that's the saddest thing because the mines would not exist without this tax. It's ridiculous."

Sterling dipped after news that the government would withhold 1.34bn dollars in additional tax on foreign mining income in its own tax reform plan to raise $8bn over 10 years, but it tumbled in Wednesday's trading. It was down 1.9% at $1.4372 against the dollar.
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Community bank fund keeps growing even though demand is dropping

More than half of all Australians now have negative balance and about half have balances below 5 per cent, according to a new report.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has reported an increase in negative balance balances. Photo: Peter Rae

The number of negative balances stood at about 19.4 million at the end of July, according to the latest monthly report.

The rate of negative balance is higher than the previous figure of 18.9 million at the height of the financial crisis and is also higher than the 25 per cent of the Australian population who had negative balances at the end of 2014.

But the majority of Australians' negative balance stood outside the lower 50 per cent range, with the figure being 27 per cent.

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