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2020-05-30 в 12:28

Hello. And Bye.

1602. Test, upright a investigation - Незарегистрированный пользователь  VernonBlict (Гость)
2020-05-29 в 21:23

Coalition demands release of mining tax records, records from former premier reveal Read more

It also criticised government for suggesting that, if there was a failure, it could simply blame the unions. "They've tried to do everything possible to stop the mining tax," the former premier said. "It's something that could have happened without the mining tax and that's the saddest thing because the mines would not exist without this tax. It's ridiculous."

Sterling dipped after news that the government would withhold 1.34bn dollars in additional tax on foreign mining income in its own tax reform plan to raise $8bn over 10 years, but it tumbled in Wednesday's trading. It was down 1.9% at $1.4372 against the dollar.
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Community bank fund keeps growing even though demand is dropping

More than half of all Australians now have negative balance and about half have balances below 5 per cent, according to a new report.

The Reserve Bank of Australia has reported an increase in negative balance balances. Photo: Peter Rae

The number of negative balances stood at about 19.4 million at the end of July, according to the latest monthly report.

The rate of negative balance is higher than the previous figure of 18.9 million at the height of the financial crisis and is also higher than the 25 per cent of the Australian population who had negative balances at the end of 2014.

But the majority of Australians' negative balance stood outside the lower 50 per cent range, with the figure being 27 per cent.

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2020-05-29 в 05:52

1605. Evaluation, straight a investigation - Незарегистрированный пользователь  VernonBlict (Гость)
2020-05-29 в 05:37

Alleged child abuser remanded in custody

Bail was set at $500,000 and he was to be remanded to the Hamilton Magistrates Court.

Bail was held for a further 7 days.

In court there was much back and forth between Bail and Crown lawyers about Bail's age and his potential risk to reoffend if he was released.

After 7 days there was a decision that Bail did not pose a risk and had the right to remain free in Canada, but he was being kept in custody.

A judge agreed with Bail that the court was wrong to return him to the United States for the 10 weeks. However, he ruled that Bail is still facing a potential $1 million fine from an alleged child sex abuse survivor in Canada and $10 million in federal and provincial laws.

The judge said Bail is "not likely" to escape that fine, which means he is still facing a criminal case in the U.S.

The woman who has accused Bail says she would never agree to a deal that led to him spending so much time in Canada.

Earlier this month, Bail appeared in a Vancouver courtroom for his first appearance in nearly eight years.

Court hearings are scheduled for March 28.

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Cash levels low in canberra

"We are hearing from many people who are not convinced that the bank's rate cuts have given them sufficient returns"

Bank has been offering interest-free loans and a new cash-for-value offer to residents for a number of years as it sought capital.

In December, it increased rates in two of its home loans, and was one of two banks to make a large reduction across its loans in January after the Reserve Bank cut interest rates last year.

In March, the bank agreed a rate cut of 25.7 per cent for each of its home loans, and agreed to raise another 30.25 per cent a year from December this year, after a six-month freeze on interest rates.

The rates cut took effect from 10.25am on March 23, 2014.

Topics: banking, business-economics-and-finance, united-states, canberra-2600, act

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2020-05-29 в 05:34

Major sponsors turn backs on stormwater management policy

Ferry service provider Dorset has told the council it is willing to use alternative services to deal with the stormwater crisis as it faces more pressure to cut rates to meet a spending limit of £3.4m next year.

The decision followed a two-week round of talks during which Dorset said it could use a private contractor or a local company to deal with stormwater during periods of low levels.

However, with the council under pressure from campaigners to increase rates by as much as 20%, it has made its refusal on funding conditional.

Ferry operators from Dundee have called for a "caveat emptor" – meaning they would have to consider offering extra services – but Dorset council is not prepared to consider either option.

"We are prepared to work with a private contractor, if that is the case, but we are not currently discussing either option and therefore are unable to give specific advice on these matters," Dorset city council spokesperson Dr Stephen Riddoch said.

"If the situation requires such a meeting or if we find alternative routes to meet these demands, then there is an opportunity for the council to consider the alternatives to meet our commitments and then, with a view to meeting our financial commitments, we will consider that alternative route as soon as the appropriate council funding becomes available."

Facing financial pressures, Dorset council last week promised to scrap its four-hour service and instead charge customers a rate of three miles of ferryboat service to the South Coast and the Midlands each day.

A previous administration led by former prime minister Tony Blair had agreed to allow private companies to take over many of the city's ferry services, but this was abandoned following the row over its rate increase.

It will also save Dorset county council £30m because of the extra spending on its emergency service.

Dorset council says it has a "strong desire to reduce rates"

A major sponsor of the Dorset council's service – and a major source of funds for council schemes – is the Scottish Revenue, which in September announced it would cut its income tax receipts by almost 3 per cent for the year.

The Scottish Government also announced it was seeking new tools to tackle soaring homelessness in England and Wales.

On Friday, the council announced changes to its service which will remove more staff and cut more than 40 per cent in hours, charging customers £2.90 for 1,000ft (400metres) from the South Coast to St Helens, which is now two hours longer than before the plans were announced.

Dorset council officials said in a statement that it was keen to reduce rates.

"We are now putting in place a ne
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Party program shows act students the grim results of drunk nightlife in San Francisco. The "Shootout with the Gang" game is an attempt to identify students' favorite scenes from films and TV shows. Participants are asked to describe the scene in their words. The "Shootout with the Gang" game is an attempt to identify students' favorite scenes from films and TV shows. Participants are asked to describe the scene in their words. SEE MORE VIDEOS

With two weeks left until the final exam, it has all been very frustrating for the last five students at the University of California, San Francisco's College of Engineering.

"The last four weeks I've been living out of my truck all over campus," said junior Anika Vaitl. "The parking lot is really hard. The parking lot behind my dorm is super hard to find."

Vaitl, 18, has spent every day of the week without a vehicle until she could pull into the college's parking lot and park. Her roommates and professors have to escort her and her driver into parking lots every Wednesday, but it's still hard.

That's how the final weekend has been for these students, who can't get into or out of campus spaces for three weeks straight without a parking space.

On Wednesday evening, after about two weeks without a car, another of these students found one.

They all had different plans for that evening. One student wanted to study for the final exam, while the other wanted to watch some reality-shows.

The final exam is Saturday and most of the college students on campus won't be going until Friday.

They need to find a parking space for the exam because they'll have to drive at 8 a.m.

"There's plenty of places around campus, but you just end up driving around every few minutes and we kind of don't feel like we're doing well for ourselves," said student Joshua Lohman, 19.

They all agree the students at the center of the controversy should have a better idea of where the students are going for the final exam, and the best places to park.

This summer, students at the UCSC are living on campus after having a parking space and shuttle available all the time.

On Wednesday evening, they would have had to be at one of the campus parking lots at 6 p.m. and drive back home.

The students had to take one-day bus rides to and from the university, and they're not always able to take the bus home when they want.

When their parking lot parking is available, students can park in any spot within four blocks of where they're supposed to be. Students can also park at any spot after 4 p.m., but there'

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1610. Зараза короновирусная - Незарегистрированный пользователь  AneThaw (Гость)
2020-05-26 в 23:13

Есть у кого знакомые с короновирусом?

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